Review: Tree House Brewing Bright Double IPA

Juicy IPAs are all the rage when it comes to India Pale Ales now days. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to IPAs, I looooooove the bitter, pine and grapefruit forward IPAs but it's more about the sweet, orange peel and pineappley New England-style beers as of recently. Breweries like Tree House Brewing have single handedly influenced the style to become an international beer trend. Tree House's Bright Double IPA is one of the juicy IPAs everyone is talking about. Thanks Corey for the beer! I would have never tried this beer otherwise!

Appearance: Tree House's Bright Double IPA pours a thick and hazy golden-orange IPA, moderate of frothy off-white head on top, a little bit of lacing on the side of the glass, and a light amount of micro-carbonation.

Aroma: Notes of pineapple, fresh pine, a LOT of orange zest, a good deal of lemon and mango, reminiscent of Five Alive from when I was a kid and for some reason that was the only drink in stock at the local snack shack (from near where Corey grew up). There's a hint of breadiness but for the most part it's incredibly sweet and essentially a can of tropical sweetness.

Taste: The first thing I get from Bright is a moderately bitter IPA with a good amount of bitter pine hops, a decent amount more bitter than most New England style IPAs I've had lately. The tropical sweetness of pineapple, orange, lemon and mango gives off a big kick even in the tasting here. What's surprising me is that it's not OVERLY sweet like how some IPAs have been lately.. some of them seem like tropical coolers with hops added instead of an IPA now days, so this is a nice treat as it has a nice moderate pine bitterness with a good amount of tropical fruitiness but not over the top.

Overall Thoughts: Insanely tasty NE IPA! This is what IPAs are becoming now days which is tasty as heck.. but I'm already missing the oldschool bitter piney IPA that was popular for the longest time. This kind of IPA is something I'd love to drink on the patio in the spring and summer as it's very citrus forward, easy to drink and goes well with a nice sunny day! Cheers mon amis (especially Corey!)!

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