Review: Unibroue À Tout le Monde Saison (Megadeth Beer)

I reviewed Unibroue's Blonde de Chambly saison a few weeks back after thinking I did a review here back in 2012 or so, which I did not. Turns out that Blonde de Chambly is being replaced (for now) by the Unibroue-Megadeth collaboration beer À Tout le Monde, I know Blonde de Chambly will make a return.. but for now, it's Megadeth's time to shine. I was told this beer was coming to Manitoba for six months now, I was told to expected it right before Christmas, and then January.. but then they didn't know when. So, now here it is.

I was a huge fan of Blonde de Chambly back in its early days, it was nice and citrusy and complex enough to differentiate itself from the Blanche. I feel like À Tout le Monde may confuse some people with La Fin du Monde but the same thing certainly happened a LOT of times Blonde de Chambly vs Blanche de Chambly at pubs and liquor stores in Winnipeg.. a lot.

Appearance: À Tout le Monde pours a heavily cloudy orange ale with a light amount of carbonation and a light amount of white foam on top.

Aroma: The moment I poured this into the glass I was salivating - it has a rich citrus zest of lemongrass, a hint of bubble gum and even an actual appearance of a bitterness from the hops being used.. that's a first! There's a pinch of pine in there there that gives it a nice hint of bitterness, a sweet wildflower honey scent that's incredibly reminiscent to Unibroue's recent Lune de Miel release, and a light amount of Dove soap. It's definitely got notes that differentiate itself from la Blonde de Chambly but it's not giving off much of a barn yard aroma that most of the saisons I've been drinking tend to have.

Taste: The typical Unibroue yeastiness is the dominant flavour at the beginning, giving off a dry, light cracker flavour to it. There's a light wildflower honey sweetness in there, which I feel is as if they based the recipe a tad off of Lune de Miel.. but probably not. Notes of pear, clove, hint of coriander, bubblegum, and a touch of lemon.

Overall Thoughts: À Tout le Monde is certainly a great tasting saison that's perfect for the warm spring that just popped here in Manitoba, but is it worth the hype? Not really - they had an awesome saison (Blonde de Chambly) over half a decade and put it on hiatus for this beer. Musician and brewery collaborations are all the rage right now and for the most part.. they're pretty tasty - this is no exception. I was hoping for that light pine hoppiness we saw in the aroma to make its way into the flavour of the beer but it just didn't happen, but Unibroue has never been known for hoppy beers to begin with. I will be drinking a lot of this in the coming weeks and months but I'll be reminiscing about Blonde de Chambly for some reason as well. 4.5% ABV / 22 IBU

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