Unibroue Blonde de Chambly

What surprises me is that in the five or so years that I've been a fan of Unibroue's Blonde de Chambly, I've never done a full review of the beer.. I have no idea why. Unibroue's Blonde de Chambly was my go-to beer from 2011 to 2013. I still like to drink the beer once in a while but there's too many new beers to check out so it's hard for me to come back to this at times! I've heard rumours that this beer is being discontinued in Manitoba due to sales but time will tell. Looking on MLCC's website, only a handful of stores have the beer still in stock, so once it's gone, it's possibly gone for good... or until a future Unibroue Sommelier taster pack.

Appearance: La Blonde de Chambly pours a heavy, hazy, sort of orange-yellow body with a hefty amount of off-white head on top. The foam is pretty much present during the entire time.

Aroma: A citrus forward saison with notes of lemongrass, a hint of pepper, a grainy/bready combination from the wheat malt, light floral hoppiness, hint of banana, clove, and a hint of coriander but not to the extent of what we see in la Blanche.

Taste: A pretty dry saison with a hint of pepper to give it a bit of spice, good amount of lemon, clove, a flower-like taste. It's clean and crisp, leaves a light sour aftertaste at the very end. Hint of banana and apple in the background. Light amount of earthiness.

Overall Thoughts: It isn't like most contemporary saisons/farmhouse ales that we all love now days - it doesn't have a barnyard funkiness to it nor does it have an overly yeasty presence either. Aside from that, this is a solid saison with a nice citrus zest, a hint of pepper and a dry finish to it. I'll miss this one but we'll see each other again! Actually, I'm expecting to see À Tout le Monde to make an appearance in the near future... HOPEFULLY.


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