Review: Samuel Adams Fresh as Helles Lager

Wow, it's been a while since I've reviewed a Boston Beer Co/Sam Adams product, in fact - my most recent Boston Beer Co review was of Coney Island Root Beer, and it's been nearly half a decade since I've reviewed a Samuel Adams beer.

I'm not a lager fan but I've been growing on Helles Lagers thanks to the awesome What the Helles lager by Torque Brewing. I was a big fan of Sam Adams around 2007-2010 when their beers weren't available in Manitoba but I've gotten bored of their beers for the most part. Now for my take on Samuel Adams' Fresh as Helles Lager!

Appearance: This helles pours a crisp, clear, golden straw lager with a great amount of carbonation. There's a few fingers worth of white head on top.. very frothy!

Aroma: This smells great! It's a citrusy lager with notes of lemongrass, a moderate amount of grassy hops, honey and a hint of graininess. This reminds me every so slightly of my old Sam Adams standby - Sam Adams Spring Lager (Alpine Lager).

Taste: Quite a sweet lager with notes of orange blossom, honey, a hint of pepper spiciness, a mild amount of floral hoppiness, biscuits. The beer is crisp and very easy to drink.

Overall Thoughts: Not your typical lager! I'm loving the sweet honey popping at every sniff n sip - it's a reminder that spring is just right around the corner. The hint of pepper is a real surprise but it doesn't come off intrusive but it adds a nice bite to it.. almost like cracked pepper Triscuits but nowhere near as strong. 5.4% ABV

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