Review: Double Trouble French Press Vanilla Stout

It's been a while since I've reviewed a Double Trouble beer.. in fact.. it was back in 2015 when I last reviewed their beer, and it was for the Brandon Sun.

Double Trouble's French Press Vanilla Stout has been in my fridge before but an asshole roommate stole it so I was never able to even try it. I'm sad that their Fire in the Rye isn't available in Manitoba anymore.. but their collaboration lager with Trailer Park Boys should be coming to Manitoba sometime in the hopefully near future.

Today I'm finally checking out Double Trouble's French Press Vanilla Stout.

Appearance: Thick like motor oil, burnt caramel head, just a hint of a ruby red hue in there at the base.

Aroma: Notes of moderate roasted coffee with a great deal of fresh vanilla bean and a moderate amount of milk chocolate - not that bitter at all. Very easy on the nose.

Taste: Certainly stronger on the palate than what I saw in the aroma. The roasted coffee flavour comes out more here than in the aroma, rich dark chocolate, a nice vanilla bite that - combined with the chocolate flavours gives off a really rich and powerful vanilla/chocolate swirl to the tastebuds. Very creamy, light amount of bitter aftertaste but diminishes quickly.

Overall Thoughts: Great deal of vanilla in this stout, it works well with the chocolate and coffee notes in here quite well, make it reminiscent to a great, creamy mocha stout at some points.

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