Review: Driftwood Entangled Hopfenweisse

Prior to Driftwood's Entangled, the last time I had a hopfenweisse-style hefeweizen (liberally hopped wheat ale) was Half Pints' Hoppenheimer, and that was just under a year ago at my old university's pub. I absolutely enjoy everything Driftwood makes so I've been meaning to review this beer for a while.. but I keep drinking it before getting a chance to even type down my thoughts!

Appearance: The photo didn't turn out how I expected because of shit lighting. First off - absolutely love the artwork on this label, it's colourful and simply fun and tells a story. The beer pours a cloudy golden straw/orange in appearance and has a very minimal amount of head - simply a light amount of white head clinging to the side of the glassware.

Aroma: There's a hop note that comes out first that has a not-so-fresh vibe to it.. but seeing that this beer was bottled back in July, that's likely it. It gives off a moderate bitter cascade pine/floral aroma to it.. but with that "not so fresh IPA" vibe just lingering all over. Notes of lemongrass, somewhat fruity with hint of banana, pineapple, clove and a heavy bready yeasty aroma at the end.

Taste: Like the aroma, the hops aren't fresh in this beer.. and it's a shame as this beer just arrived at local liquor stores within the last couple weeks. There's nice medley of fruity (orange and mango to start) and floral flavours taking place in here - pineapple, hint of banana, alfalfa, clove and pine. An aftertaste of tangerines, pineapple and pine. I still wish the beer was fresher but hey.. what can I do? It's still pretty damned tasty otherwise.

Overall Thoughts: A solid sweet hefe with not-so-fresh hops as you can see me bickering about here. I really like this beer though because I keep buying this beer ($6.75 per 650mL bottle) and somehow it ends up empty in a blink of an eye. Hopped hefeweizens will be more common in the future.. just like "Belgian IPAs" are pretty big now days. Now it's only a matter of days until I review their Cry Me A River Gose!

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