Review: Glutenberg Blanche (White)

I thought I did a review about Glutenberg's Blanche beer back in January.. but apparently I haven't. Glutenberg's the first gluten free brewery I've tried that makes gluten free beer that actually tastes like beer. Their witbier-style blanche was no exception.

Appearance: The Blanche has a cloudy golden orange body, a moderate amount of carbonation and a good amount of white head that diminishes pretty quickly.

Aroma: Note of buckwheat which gives it a bit of a woody character, a good deal of coriander, lemongrass and bubble gum for sweetness. Fairly straightforward.

Taste: For the most part, it's just like the aroma. There's a liberal amount of coriander in here that gives it that typical North American witbier vibe to it. A bit woody/gritty from the grains used, a bit of a pickle juice flavour which may not be for everyone and a nice amount of lemon zest in there.

Overall Thoughts: Easy drinking gluten free witbier-style beer. This is something where if I didn't know this was gluten free, I wouldn't notice either way. Easy drinking, liberal on coriander, perfect for summer weather.

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