Review: Bridge Brewing's Lemon Gin Saison

I hate the taste of gin. There's something about gin that just makes me cringe to the point I want to gag, so for the thought of me picking up a Lemon Gin Saison.. makes me a bit scared, I LOVE saisons but if the gin is too much, I'm going to be gagging quite a bit. That being said, this is the first Bridge Brewing beer I've ever tried, and seeing that this is one of the last beers Miguel Cloutier worked on before moving back to Manitoba.

Appearance: The Lemon Gin Saison pours a honey golden ale, for the most part filtered and clear, a very good amount of beige foam on top that doesn't go anywhere. The fact is that I'm lettting the beer set because as I said.. I don't like gin, 10 min later, still full on frothy!

Aroma: For the most part I'm getting a lemon grass aroma starting off the beer. A hint of Belgian yeast, very crisp, a hint of pepper, no noticeable "barn yard" smell murking around, and only a hint of gin so thankfully the gin's not overpowering... now after several minutes of letting this beer sit, time to sip up!

Taste: Well the gin makes an appearance first and foremost but it's not as bad as I would have ever believed. It gives off a bit of a grainy, lemony taste to it with a moderate amount of floral piney hops to it. Smooth mouth feel on the palate aside from the light alcohol burning sensation from the gin itself. As for the aftertaste, a hint of gin, slightly metallic but very muted for the most part.

Overall Thoughts: The Lemon Gin Saison is better than I expected, in fact, as soon as I finally started sipping on it nearly 40 minutes after opening the beer, I've already drank a good deal of the beer almost instantly. More of the traditional style saison I like, it's not that easy to find in Manitoba except for a few LCs, so I might not have this again until next year. 5.5% ABV

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