Review: Fuggles & Warlock's The Last Strawberry Wit

I believe that Fuggles & Warlock's The Last Strawberry Wit is Chris Dion's favourite beer, in fact - he has checked into this beer on Untappd, 67 MORE times than the next closest person on Untappd! When he discovered that it was available in Manitoba, he was telling me to drink it ASAP! Well, I did. Turns out that many others here felt the same way. Within 3 days of it being introduced in Manitoba for the MLCC's Coast to Coaster promotion, it was already gone almost province wide! I managed to save a spare bottle exclusively for this review.

The Last Strawberry is described as being a refreshing Belgian Wit brewed with fresh strawberries and sweetened with lactose, delicately sweet and slightly tart.

Appearance: The Last Strawberry pours a strange peach/orange/mango colour, which surprised me as I was expecting a bright, overly saturated ruby red or grapefruit pink appearance to it. Very thick, a hint of creaminess and a light amount of white head exclusively attached to the side of the glass.

Aroma: Strawberry Frappuccino. That's exactly what it smells like. I get the aroma of puréed strawberries, a rich lactic aroma - heavy cream or yogurt and a hint of Belgian yeast.

Taste: Seeing how fruity the beer is, I honestly expect strawberry seeds popping out once in a while getting in my teeth! It's a very creamy, rich witbier with a liberal amount of puréed strawberries to it. A lot of fruit beers I've had over the years either have an artificial taste to it, or have an "off" flavour that ruins the fruitiness completely. In this case, the fruit really pops out and eff.. I love it! Like the aroma, it tastes like a Strawberry Frappuccino from Starbucks.. with a bit of a bready Belgian yeast to it. The beer gets a tad sweeter as I continue to drink it, but considering it's Summer solstice today.. BRING IT ON!

Overall Thoughts: Sweet, creamy, hint of Belgian yeast. So smooth and creamy on the palate. I wish this was a regular available beer in Manitoba for the summer.

Just an edit after all the years: This beer was so good to Monsieur Dion that he's now a proud  employee over at Fuggles & Warlock! That's a modern day fairy tale!

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