Review: Mill Street Cassis

Labatt's Mill Street Brewery has brought out a new taster pack featuring a bunch of beers that are well known staples here in Manitoba, but also a few treats that haven't been sold in Manitoba before including a West Coast IPA and a Cassis (Black currant) beer. It's been a long time since I had a cassis beer.. 4 years in fact! So that alone makes me excited to try a new cassis beer

Appearance: The Cassis pours a heavy pink watermelon, creamy and almost looks like a fruity cocktail and not so much a beer. There's half-a-finger's worth of creamy white/beige head on top that simply isn't going anywhere.

Aroma: A light fruity tartness from the cassis, hint of raspberry, a Belgian yeastiness, a bit of a graininess and a hint of perfume. Fairly straightforward and sweet.

Taste: The first thing I notice is that the tartness of the cassis pops out immediately giving off a sweet yet sour/tartiness bite to it. A heavy yeastiness is making appearances all over. Hint of dough, raspberry and tastes like summer patio weather.

Overall Thoughts: Hmm.. like a Unibroue Éphémère Cassis from way back when, it's fairly faint on the fruitness so I wish there was more of a cassis appearance.. but I'm happy to see a new cassis beer on the market. Certainly heavier than an Éphémère but this beer immediately reminded me of Éphémère the second I started pouring it. Pretty decent fruit beer.

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