Review: Dead Frog Super Fearless Imperial IPA (Batch #3)

It's hard to catch up on beer reviews when I have a part time job and write about beer in Brandon Sun, but when I do have time - I feel like drinking beer and not writing about it.. but I have to keep myself preoccupied somehow!

I've tried many beers from Dead Frog Brewery over the years ranging from their Nut Brown Ale to their contract brewed version of Hops & Robbers IPA. Frankly, most of their beers have been lacklustre, but I still give them a shot because they're trying their best to make damned tasty beers. I have quite a few of their beers waiting for me to be sampled but tonight I'm going to only focus on Super Fearless Imperial IPA (Batch #3). Super Fearless appears to be an experimental Imperial IPA line of theirs where each year they come out with a new recipe for an Imperial IPA to make it better than the previous edition. I haven't had Batch 1 or 2 so I wouldn't be able to compare any notes to Batch 3.

Appearance: Pours a very light muddy brown, very murky, thick and a copper-brown hue to it. Thick amount of beige head - I really like it, it's creamy, whipped and lacing the side of the glass.. not going anywhere!

Aroma: Starts out fairly sweet with notes of caramel followed by grapefruit, a bit of pineapple. It's quite liberally hopped, which I like. Abundance of pine, fresh cut alfalfa and even a bit of a hint of dad's cologne. Very solid aroma.

Taste: I can taste the burn of the booze immediately! I'm getting flavours of pine, lemon, grapefruit and caramel. It leaves a bitter (somewhat metallic) hop aftertaste. Fairly sweet but certainly decent amount of hoppy bitterness in here.

Overall Thoughts: I really like it! It's exactly what I want out of an Imperial IPA, it has a liberal amount of hops to give it a great bitter finish, a moderate sweetness of caramel and a hint of grapefruit to give it some tropical vibes in it. The hops give off a fresh aroma which is certainly welcome and with every few sips I'm noticing different flavours pop out.. like tea right now. This is why I don't judge breweries on bad beers because wham - they end up coming out with something that I thoroughly enjoy! One thing I'm not looking forward to is the inevitable acid reflux the hops will give me in about twenty minutes time.

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