Review: Alexander Keith's Celeia Hop Ale

I really don't rush out and try new beers then it's an Alexander Keith's product, but many of my followers are your typical Canadian beer drinker who tends to drink lighter lager and ales yet are willing to try something new for the sake of experimenting a bit. I've reviewed just about every beer from Keith's Hop Series of ales, starting with Cascade, Hallertauer, Galaxy, and Saphir. Out of all the beers from Keith's Hop Series, the only one that I actually bought again was the Cascade, it wasn't bad - for once.. in fact, it was better than the standard Keith's "India Pale Ale." Now I'm checking out Keith's newest addition to the series, their Celeia Hop ale, which has been around for a few months now.. so as you can tell: I wasn't in a rush to go out and try it.

Appearance: The Celeia pours a golden burnt straw yellow with a bit of a caramel hue, half a finger of beige off-white foam. Lots of carbonation - reminiscent of a regular Alexander Keith's. Slightly darker in hue than a regular Keith's.

Aroma: Notes of pepper, lemon, straw, a faint breadiness in there, a light amount of sweetness.. possibly caramel. For the most part it's a bit more aromatic than your average Keith's, but meh.

Taste: Light fruitiness to it (possibly plum), a bit of a gritty barley taste, lots of the same notes from the aroma are also in the flavour. A light spiciness of pepper pops up - likely from the hops, light amount of caramel malt, bit of lemon. Not much really there.

Overall Thoughts: Fairly boring, but it's very easy to drink if you're a Keith's fan.. though it's a bit spicier than your typical Alexander Keith's. Has a bit of a faint floral vibe to it, but not much. Some cereal notes. Not overwhelming but it's pretty bland for someone like myself who wants a whack load of hops. Doesn't leave much of an aftertaste, which I appreciate.

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