Review: Driftwood White Bark Witbier

The first time I ever tried Driftwood Brewing's White Bark Witbier was back in 2012 at Luxalune Gastropub in Winnipeg (owned by the guys from Farmery Brewery). I just came from yet ANOTHER failed job interview, so I came in to treat myself to some craft beer. At the time, I thought it was alright - bit of a lighter witbier with notes that reminded me of Big Rock's Grasshopper Wheat Ale. Since then, I haven't been able to try the beer - until now. With the Coast to Coaster promotion at Liquormarts, they've brought in a bunch of beers that are only available in Manitoba until they sell out. Lately, Brandon seems to get left out of limited releases by the Liquormarts, but the Coast to Coaster releases were surprisingly available at all three LCs here in Brandon.

Appearance: White Bark pours a cloudy light lemon/golden ale, just a slight bit lighter than your standard witbier. Nice amount of snow white foam on top and a hint of carbonation taking place.

Aroma: Ah... there's that witbier aroma that I know and love.. the musky combination of Belgian yeast, lemon, orange peel and coriander makes me happy. It's a bit sweet from the orange peels, quite bready from the Belgian style yeast and smells like patio weather.

Taste: The yeast pops out first, it's a bit bready, a bit of a pepper spice to it, lemon, some orange peel sweetness and there's a special appearance by coriander later on. For a witbier, I'm noticing more of a lemon citrus over an orange citrus.

Overall Thoughts: Surprisingly spicy for a witbier from the notes of pepper. Very citrusy, bready, aftertaste of orange peel. This is a solid witbier that is perfect for hot patio weather. If only it wasn't so smoky outside from the forest fires in Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories! I also love White Bark's new label - but it doesn't seem to fit with the words "White Bark" though.

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