Review: Belle Saison by à L'abri de la tempête

I've had several bottles of beers go missing from my fridge over the past few weeks now. Beers I've purchased/traded in Quebec, beers I had in the fridge for upcoming Brandon Sun reviews and even a bottle of Moosehead or two. It was just getting out of hand. So now I have to drink my beers before some ASSHOLE drinks them on me.

Belle Saison by à l'abri de la tempête is one of my favourite saisons in Quebec. The brewery is located on les îles de la madeleine, which just makes it even more cool.

Appearance: Belle Saison pours a light orange beer, cloudy, a bit of a copper hue to it, light amount of white foam and decent amount of carbonation - a bit of crackling taking place.

Aroma: Quite a sweet saison, it has notes of flowers (rose petals, etc), lemon citrus, ginger - lots of ginger to give it a gingerbread vibe to it, somewhat earthy. Fairly light aroma but welcoming.

Taste: Sweet malt gives it a bit of a caramel/ginger sweetness to it, followed by a light earthiness, grassy & floral, somewhat bready, slight amount of peppery background, slight sour. Quite stronger flavours than most saisons. A bit of a tinny aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: The autumn flavours of gingerbread makes it a bit weird for me - it's not to style, but aside from that, it's a decent beer - a moderate amount of citrus zest and very easy to drink.

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