Review: Unibroue 17 Grande Réserve 2014

Ever since 2012, my favourite rarity by Unibroue - 17 Grande Réserve has been an absolute treat
whenever it comes out. Now, it seems to have become a Christmasy tradition here in Manitoba. When I do see it in stock, I buy as many as possible.

Appearance: Very dark ale, a dark as black ale, with a bit of a burnt caramel hue to it, nice thick amount of creamy beige head that isn't diminishing at all. A bit of carbonation.

Aroma: Very oaky, notes of whisky, oak, vanilla, a hint of chocolate and unibroue yeast.

Taste: The barrels are more present in this year's batch than some other years. Rich notes of whisky - a bit boozey, oaky wordiness, and vanilla. Quite sweet and notes of Unibroue yeast.

Overall Thoughts: Quite boozey from the whiskyish oak barrels, fairly smooth on the palate, something that will age insanely well, and at 10% ABV - share this with a friend. The flavours change from fridge temperature to near room temp so let this beer warm up for a bit to get the most out of the aging notes. You can age this for up to 5 or so years. $8.71/750ml bottle. 10% ABV

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