Review: Lake of the Woods Bombed Blondeshell Blonde India Pale Ale

The biggest upside to my sister dating a guy from Northern Ontario is that whenever they go to Ontario, I can get them to pick me up a growler of Lake of the Woods beer. Their beer is available in Manitoba now, but their one offs and seasonals don't make it out here in Manitoba. One of the beers she brought back was Bombed Blondeshell IPA.

This is the first IPA I've ever had by Lake of the Woods, and only the 4thish growlered IPA I've ever had in my life, first non-Manitoban/North Dakotan.

Appearance: Bombed Blondeshell pours a caramel amber ale. A heaping amount of creamy yellowish beige foam, reminiscent of a more British style IPA, very reddish in hue and quite a beaut.

Aroma: A bit more different than I was expecting. I'm finding a lot of nutty notes in there, a hint of toasted coffee bean. More of a grassy hoppiness to it. Nowhere near as floral (alfalfa or pine) as you would see for a West Coast style IPA. So this has lots of notes of more of an East Coast/British IPA to me. A bit more sweet caramel malt forward.

Taste: A bit gritty - notes of a rich nuttiness. A bit spicy - without the heat, very earthy, notes of grassy hops though I'm noticing hints of light bitter hops making a cameo once in a while in this brew. A bit sweet of caramel. Overall - a very nutty IPA.

Overall Thoughts: More of a British style IPA in my mind. Not bad, quite nutty and a decent amount of caramel maltiness in it. Leaves a very mellow aftertaste to it of nuttiness and sweetness. I hope Lake of the Woods continues to experiment and branch out in new styles! 6.5% ABV

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