Review: La saison du tracteur by Trou du Diable

It's no longer the season for working the fields on the prairies, but it's always time for a Belgian style saison. La Trou du Diable consistently has some of my favourite Quebec beers, but they don't sell them in Manitoba, so it's a treat when I do get to try some.

Appearance: As a farm boy, I love the name - la saison du tracteur - the season of the tractor, a name to honour farmers who work hard to grow the crops that feed and beer us. It pours a cloudy straw orange-yellow, very thick snow white foam - thick as fresh snow - just sitting on top of the beer, not going anywhere.

Aroma: Light floral notes with a grainy wheat breadiness, notes of lemon, Belgian yeast and a hint of coriander.

Taste: Very solid saison with a flavour of a gritty wheat flavour giving it a bit of bitterness, a bit of a peppercorn spiciness that's flat our blunt in this brew, lemon, Belgian yeast and a sweet presence of bubble gum. 

Overall Thoughts: Straightforward Saison with notes of bubble gum, lemon, coriander and lots of wheat. All this combined makes it a great wheat ale that goes together with haying... Just too bad it's winter!

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