December 1 - Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA

Today is day one of day twenty four of this year's beer advent calendar by Phillips Brewing!

Tonight's beer is Electric Unicorn White IPA.

Appearance:  Pale golden with a bit of a haziness to it. Decent amount of carbonation with a bit of floating sediment throughout the beer. Very minimal foam on top - just under a millimetre but some of it is sticking to the side of the glassware.

Aroma: A warm, welcoming citrusy Belgian inspired IPA with notes of citrus, yeastiness, a tad of coriander and a good amount of bitter hops such as Cascade to bitter it off.  Somewhat sweet, somewhat bitter. Bit dry on the nose.

Taste: Reminiscent in ways to a witbier meets a West Coast IPA as there's a lot of citrus and yeasty profile, a bit of a light tartiness as well as a decent amount of floral and bitter hops like Cascade to give it that typical pine flavour everyone is familiar with in West Coast style IPAs.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad, could use a bit more unfiltration as well as a tad more hops to it. This is quite a tasty IPA though, nice amount of citrus and very easy to drink. I'll sure drink this again.

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