Review: Muskoka Detour Session IPA

Review: Muskoka Detour Session IPASession ales are becoming the next "big thing". Of course my favourite cottage brewery Muskoka didn't wait long to release their take on session ales. Session beers are beers with no more than 5% alcohol content that happen to have full-on-flavour, just like their non-lite counterparts do. Muskoka's Detour Session Ale comes out at 4.3% ABV, slightly more alcohol than Coors Light and the other Lite beers out there, but Muskoka guarantees that this is a beer for those who take a detour to the road less travelled.

Appearance: First off, beautiful looking ale - it has a rich hazy golden wheat appearance, a bit of copper notes. Decent amount of soapy head at the top, some carbonation. Looks like if a hefeweizen met an IPA.

Aroma: Lighter than a Mad Tom IPA, but at 4.3% ABV, so so so aromatic - it has notes of cascade hops and among other hops, a really rich citrus zest - lots of lemon and a slivver of orange peel. Taste: This is going to become my new spring beer - it's a pretty full-on-flavour beer - Notes reminiscent of Mad Tom - rich cascade hoppiness, yet nowhere near as bitter, lots of citrus zest that reminds me of a witbier/hefeweizen - lemon, orange peel and overall nice sweetness. There's a hint of dill in there giving it a bit of a bitterness. Very satisfying on a warm spring day chilly spring day.

Overall Thoughts: Very satisfying, citrusy yet hoppy. This is going to be a new springtime beer for me as it's not overly hoppy, not that yeasty and has great citrus notes. It's hard to put the beer down. It's 4.3% ABV and has 129 calories so guys - if you want to go on a "guyet", this comparable in calories to Coors Light, but you get something that doesn't taste like corny water. Eat your double bacon cheeseburgers and enjoy your beers. This reminds me of Sam Adams' Spring Lager from a few years back, I couldn't get away from that stuff. It costs around $2.89 per 355mL bottle.

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