Review: La Saison Chaude by Société-Orignal & Brasseurs Illimités

Tonight's saisonal review is La Saison Chaude collaboration saison by Société-Orignal and Les
Brasseurs Illimités. I love a good saison, the only style I like even more than saisons is barley wines, but saisons are substantially easier to drink, especially when you don't have friends around to enjoy the beer. With a name like La Saison Chaude, which translates to Hot Saison, I honestly expected either a dark take on saisons (like a Black IPA take on IPAs) or a smoked saison, but unfortunately - it's just the name.

Appearance: La Saison Chaude pours a very cloudy, copper-dark orange, minimal amount of light beige/eggshell head that's glistening on the top of the beer. Lots of carbonation, expected for a saison.

Aroma: A citrusly zested saison, notes of Belgian yeast, orange peel, lemon and a hint of that arôme that reminds me of Unibroue's ales, parfumic!

Flavour: Not a hot/spicy saison at all, it's your standard Belgianesque saison with rich yeasty goodness, a liberal amount of citrus flavours like lemon and orange peel, a bit of a hint of iron. A bit lighter than I expected but a solid saison none-the-less.. as the yeastiness is not as dominant as most saisons I've had in the past few months. Then again, lots of people dislike Belgian-style ales for the yeastiness in the first place.

Overall Thoughts: The concept of Société-Orignal is awesome - getting back to basics with agriculture, get away from the over-industrialization of the agricultural industry and doing everything the old fashioned way - not catering to the masses on what's in demand but instead growing and raising what you love most. It's a solid saison, stronger ABV at 6.5% yet not heavy on the palate, it's a bit lighter than most in flavour but very easy to drink. It's great to see Quebec-grown ingredients used in this beer, but coming from the prairies.. we tend to forget how a substantial amount of wheat and barley for the beer industry comes from OUR OWN back yard. Oh, and 375mL bottles? I want to see those catch on out west, same with 500mL bottles. 341 is too minimal!

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