Review: Big Rock Fowl Mouth ESB

I got a nice unexpected package in the mail the other day, a box full of beers from the ever kind folks over at Big Rock Brewery. The absolutely first thing I noticed in the box.. the packaging is completely different. Not only did they revamp the labels of every single beer that they sell, but they also changed their bottles. Instead of the classic 341ml brown bottles we are oh so accustomed to here in Canada, they are starting off 2014 with their own custom-made brown 330ml beer bottles, with their brewery name embossed right before the neck and everything. Downside: No more twist off caps. Upside: They sent me a bottle opener as well!

The one beer that really intrigued me in the selection was their brand spanking new Extra Special Bitter, Fowl Mouth ESB, which was just released this week and eventually going to hit stores all over Western Canada. Lets check er out.

Appearance: A clear, lightly carbonated honey-amber ale, quite honey-like. Minimal off-white head, looks like their Honey Lager to me.

Aroma: Sweet caramel maltiness, lightly fruity, earthy hoppiness - not that bitter.

Taste: Caramel maltiness again, light amount of raisin, not overpowering to the palate, but it could be a bit heavier. Has the typical Big Rock maltiness that you see in such beers as their Traditional Ale, but quite lighter on the palate compared to the Traditional, creamy mouth feel and a bit of a sweet caramel aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Not a bad ESB in any sense, it's a very tame ESB with caramel sweetness, some earthy and fruity notes, and would be easily appreciated by a beer drinker at a local pub. Not offensive for lighter beer drinkers, and not too light for the beer geeks. A good beer to read a book to. 5.5% ABV and costs $12.52 for a 6 pack for those looking for it in Manitoba.

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