Review: Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter

Review: Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter by Cody La Bière
After last night's fiasco.. my roommate who always gets drunk on his nights off, so he ends up running out of beer so asks for my beer, I say no, he goes bezerk and ends up screaming at creepy roomie for an hour.. I've decided I REALLY need to clean out my hoard to prevent alcoholism from taking over this place.. so time to start purging from my hoard and reviewing from said purge! Win/Win amirite?! Now time for Phillips Brewing's Longboat Chocolate Porter.. generally porters in the summer time are just hard to drink as it's generally more of a winter time treat, but hey.. beer's beer!

Appearance: Pours a thick black, dark chocolate & black coffee, very very thick, it's like a breakfast beverage! A nice thick creamy cookie dough light-brownness, this is your standard stout/porter in appearance.

Aroma: Reminds me of chocolate chip cookie dough, lots of chocolate in there, some dark chocolate as well as some milk chocolate, roasted coffee malty notes, a bit of an ice creamy sweetness, a bit of a bitter alcohol pungent note in there too. This seems like the kind of stout that would be great as an ice cream flavour, hint hint amateur ice cream makers!

Taste: Basically the same as what I just smelled - creamy chocolatey goodness with roasted coffee beans, quite sweet and creamy to the palate, one of the better chocolate-based porters out there as most are more of a coffee first, chocolate later, but this is certainly what I would call a dessert porter, yum! Dark chocolate for the most part, very quality chocolate, reminds me of chocolate you would get from a local chocolaterie.

Overall Thoughts: A very solid porter by the guys over at Phillips Brewing in Victoria, if you love dark chocolate, coffee and.. beer! Then you will love this porter, enjoyable as a dessert, or possibly as an ice cream! Cost $7ish before taxes, comes in a really cool 650ml bottle that reminds me of oldschool whisky bottles and is 5.2% ABV.

Drink Less, Drink Better

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