Review: Muskoka Summer Weiss

Review: Muskoka Summer Weiss by Cody La Bière
Who would have known that within a week, Manitoba would go from winter to late spring quickly.. now it's so beautiful out that the patios are open, people are starting to smile again and beers outside are becoming a thing again! Oh and don't forget the smell of the bbq!

Muskoka Brewery's Summer Weiss Wheat Ale just arrived in Manitoba, just in time for patio season... after a gruesomely long winter. The Summer Weiss was available in Manitoba last summer, but it was only in big 750ml bottles, and at a $8+ per bottle, it's a bit costly for those who want to have beers on the patio, so this year, they're selling it in 355ml bottles, for just under $3/bottle, so for those who may not like it, they don't have to buy a big 750ml, but hey.. this is one of the best Summer Wheat Ales out there.

Appearance: Muskoka's Summer Weiss pours a coppery-orange, reminiscent of just about any wheat ale you see on the patio in the summer time, hazy, good amount of sediment, minimal snow white foam. If you like unfiltered ales, this will likely make you drool!

Aroma: Cloves followed by fresh banana, a yeastiness like most Belgian or German wheat ales, coriander, and generally.. what you want and expect out of a hefeweizen. A hint of "Juicy Fruit" gum in there too somehow.

Taste: What you expect in a solid hefeweizen, it has a great deal of coriander, clove, a bit of bubblegum and of course, a bananay goodness. If one could get their source of fruits from this beer, I'd drink a whole six pack of this! A yeastiness hits the palate as well, so yep.. very much a decent hefe.

Overall Thoughts: Part of me wishes they did this beer in the 750ml corked bottles to bottle ferment, because this beer would easily stand the test of time thanks to the yeast used in it. A very solid hefeweizen wheat ale, so if you are looking for a bananay wheat ale for the patio, this is it. Easy to drink, great citrus notes and very enjoyable in every sense. This is another example why Muskoka is one of Canada's best breweries. It's 5% ABV, so it's on par with most standard hefeweizens/witbiers on the market today. Enjoy this at a family barbecue!

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