Review: Beau's All Natural Beaver River IP Eh? IPA

Review: Beau's All Natural Beaver River IP Eh? IPA by Cody La Bière
Thanks Ryan for bringing me a bunch of Beau's while I was in Quebec a few weeks ago! He's drinking a Saison right now that I gave him, so I'm joining him for the hockey game.

This is Beaver River IP EH? IPA by Beau's All Natural Brewing. The first thing I notice about it was the weird bottle, it's a custom made bottle just for Beau's themselves, a 600ml 1930s-looking bottle with an embossment of an old tractor on the bottle, pretty neat. THe Beaver River IPA is a seasonal IPA that's only available in end of winter to early spring, so get it while it's fresh!

Appearance: Pours a caramel amber, quite clear compared to many IPAs out there on the market today. Thick head of foam, a creamy beige, standard for most IPAs.

Aroma: First thing I notice for aroma is that the Beaver River IP Eh? is quite conservative on the hops, which isn't entirely a bad thing - it's more drinkable to those who aren't a fan of hops. It has a presence of various hops around the world, including New Zealand Cascades, giving it a slightly bitter, floral and lemony smell to it. Slightly grassy, prairie like, even. Lastly, caramel maltiness.

Taste: The caramel malts are forefront in this beer, it's a lighter IPA in flavour than we used to out here, but it's a standard Canadian IPA, it has a decent bitterness that only really hits when the aftertaste comes by. Some alfalfa notes, grass, lemon, and more bitter than expected - it doesn't hit you immediately in bitterness, it just settles on the tongue and bitterfies your palate for a bit.

Overall Thoughts: Your standard Canadian IPA (or IP eh?). It has 5.6% ABV and comes in a 600ml bottle. Bitterness & caramel maltiness wise.. it reminds me a bit of Paddock Wood's 606 IPA. If you like more hops in your face sort of IPA or a more citrusy IPA, you will be disappointed as flavours converge throughout the process - sweet caramel at first, followed by bitterness of hops (with minimal flower notes) hitting the taste buds afterwards for the aftertaste and vice versa. More bitter than expected.

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