Skunksworth's Barleyslime: Molson Dry Cold Shots 6.5

Skunksworth's Barleyslime: Molson Dry Cold Shots 6.5 by Cody La Bière
When I was facing alcoholism and severe depression a few years back (you can read all about that here), I would purchase six-packs of swill beer such as Molson Dry, Great Western Brewhouse Pilsner, and Lucky Extra several times a day just to get a buzz to make my feelings of emptiness and of living a life as a fat P-O-S loser. Eventually, I got over it and changed my life for the better.. so far. I used to drink so much Molson Dry that I had a garbage bag of cans to return as empties each month. I hated the taste, but you know how it can be.. you just can't resist it.

Fast forward now, going from alcoholism to just plain beer snob.. I'm saving money now days by drinking less, drinking better, but the growing hoard doesn't help at all! I decided it was time to go back to a beer that I relied on for such a long time.. Molson Dry, but since Molson has recently changed Molson Dry 6-packs here into Molson Dry Cold Shots, this is what I'll review instead.

Molson Dry in Cold Shot form has been around for several years already, especially in the Quebec market. Molson Dry & Molson Canadian Cold Shots are meant for two reasons alone: 1) As a pre-party drink and 2) To get a quick buzz. While the Molson Canadian variety has 6.0% ABV (versus their standard 5.0%), the Molson Dry Cold Shots have 6.5% ABV vs 5.5%. This beer was not created by Molson to promote safe drinking, responsibility, and knowing your limit - this was invented JUST for young adults (and underage drinkers) to get a buzz. Heck, even I drank Molson Canadian Cold Shots on a regular basis back when they first came out in 2004, it was the best bang for the buck at $8/8 pack (250ml slim cans) at the time.. before Minhas Creek came by and brought in their swilly dirty-sock-filtered-corn-water here for $5.52 before taxes the following year.

Honestly, these cold shots are exactly what you expect, a beer you're going to drink quickly, that's all. Opening these up, it's quite foamy immediately, so quickly into a glass it goes - it pours the standard straw yellow, clear, lots of micro-carbonation taking place and snow white foam settling at the top.

As for aroma, corn, bit of barley and hay, and a sweet annoying maltiness that you come to know and love hate out of the Molson Dry brand of beers. Actually, it's not as malty in aroma as the standard Molson Dry.. but still pretty nasty.

Tastes like corn, hay, and that gross trademarked Molson Dry malt taste, the taste makes me want to hurl.. it's reminding me of the past.. down the sink this beer goes! Also leaves a metallic aftertaste that just won't go away.

Since Molson is seriously promoting moderate consumption and responsibility, the Cold Shot line is something that should be discontinued along with other such great beers as Molson Kick and hopefully one day, Molson M. This cost over $10 after tax.. if I really wanted to get a buzz, I should have just gone with Lucky Extra, and yeah.. the only reason I bought this is was because I had a grouchy day and the liquor store was closed.

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