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Carling Black Label Extra Old Stock (Malt Liquor) by Cody La Bière
I was returning some beer empties when I came across Molson's Carling Black Label Extra Old Stock malt liquor beer. I've never tried it but I knew it was a beer that was incredibly oldschool. Bringing it to the farm, my dad immediately said "Extra Old Stock.. I didn't even know they still made that! I hated that beer as a kid and I still hate that now!" So even back in the stubby days.. this was a low class sort of beer... apparently. Well, Carling Black Label Extra Old Stock costed me $20 even ($24.50 including tax for a 12 pack, but I brought in 4.50 in empties). This sure isn't a discount beer by any stretch, but it should be, being a malt liquor.

Comparing it to a bottle of Extra Old Stock I found when my landlord was doing renovations, the label has changed a bit. For instance, Molson has cut down the amount of breweries from 9 to 5. The beer is now part of the Carling Black Label brand instead of O'Keefe, and the ABV went from 6.0% to a strange 6.56%. Well, I think this batch of Extra Old Stock may be EXTRA old as looking at the label.. it lists Edmonton as one of the breweries.. interesting as Molson closed down their brewery in 2007, so either the label hadn't been updated or this beer is REALLY that old old stock.

Appearance: Pouring the beer, it pours a very pale golden, with incredible amount of bubbling carbonation, more than the usual domestic lager, thick layer of beige-white foam. Bubbles galore.

Aroma: Smells like your standard Molson beer, like a Molson Canadian or Carling Lager.. your standard lager but more maltiness to it, corny, mediocre.

Taste: Corny, barley, straw, a lot like a standard lager from Molson like Canadian or Carling Lager.. but a bit of an extra bitterness and maltiness from the boring hops and the boring malt. It does have a stale feel in the mouth. Eventually as I drink this, I can feel a bit of bloatiness, which I don't usually get from most beers, gassy, and heavy in me tummy.. bleh... more like BURP.

Overall Thoughts: Likely an incredibly old beer, but there's no date on the bottle to let me know otherwise. Tastes like anything Molson would make.. apparently they discontinued this beer in some regions so it could only be a prairie beer now. Standard Molson lager with a bit more maltiness in it, the label still has the "Premium Quality" stamp of approval just like it did back in 1986, this ain't a premium beer at all. $24.50 for 12 bottles is a rip off when you can get other beers for cheaper, but hey.. there's still people willing to pay that amount for OV now days.


I am Canadian said...

Last time I drank this was probably when I was back in high school at Crocus Plains. It was a six pack bought for one reason only and it was not the taste. "Beer Drinking... the soundtrack of my life"

Anonymous said...

We used to refer to these as "cripplers."