Enjoying a Burly Wine!

Enjoying a Burly Wine!, originally uploaded by Cody La Bière.
Burly Wine is one of the most sought after products by my favourite brewery, Half Pints. It's pretty hard to find in the first place, and they dont plan on making anymore for atleast a few years. But lucky for me, the local liquor store in my town has several bottles, so I scoop some up whenever possible.

The nickname of this beer is the "Winnipeg winter warmer", as it has 10.5% ABV and even on coldest of -40 Winter nights, warms your body. I decided to pick up a bottle for a birthday present. However, it hadn't been warm for weeks so I postponed drinking this beer until today. It's absolutely beautiful out, the flood waters are starting to go back and it's a great day so why not?

Has a nice cream coloured foamy head, very dark coppery brown hazy appearance, a sweet, somewhat hoppy aroma, very sweet.. caramel taste to it, and itself is a bit creamy in texture to the tongue. Tasty tasty beverage. I know a few friends who aren't a fan of this beer, but I absolutely love it.


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pintbypint said...

Nice photo! I'll have to pick up a few bottles to save up, didn't know they were ceasing production on this brew. Easily the best beer they make!