Beer of the Night - May 30, 2005

Time for another beer of the night review. Tonight's review is of Labatt Shok, Labatt's new caffeinated and high percentage beer.

While Molson Kick was out and about in Canadian beer stores by mid March, it took nearly two months for Labatt to get Labatt Shok into stores. As Canadian as Canadian beer is now days, this beer is far from Canadian (as are most Canadian beers now), sure it has more bilingual text on it than the average beer, but it's produced by the Gluek Brewing Company from Minnesota.

This beer tastes like it's a cheap combination of Red Bull and Labatt Blue, which it probably is, it has the familiar fruity taste of Red Bull, and a bit of a bitter beer taste, you would think that a combination of Red Bull and beer would be a neat idea, but it just doesn't compare to the average beer. This beer is most suited to the average female between the ages of 18-30, since it has a taste similar to coolers, but as a beer. Labatt Shok can get someone drunk pretty easily, after one slim can I wasn't even buzzed, but after two I finally end up being buzzed, although it usually doesn't last long. Labatt Shok has 6.9% alcohol/volume, more than most Canadian beers, if the cans were 355ML instead of 250ML, it would easily attract more people over the Molson Kick beer. The downsides to Labatt Shok are that it is in a 250ML slim can, as I just said, it only comes in 4-packs, and when comparing the price of Shok to Kick by volume, Kick is still much cheaper. A 4-pack of Shok is approximately $6.50CDN, while a 6-pack of Kick is approximately $8-9 CDN, so Shok is a good beer to get if you're either wanting something that has a fruit-like taste, something small that can get you buzzed easily, or if you just plain hate beer. I'll stick to Molson's Kick beer for now.

- Price: Higher price compared to most beers of the same equivalence (compared to Molson Kick and Molson Canadian Cold Shots)
- Taste: Fair, a bit too fruity
- Body: Mediocre, although it's not watery like Kick, it could have a body more similar to Labatt Blue
- Flavour: Fruity, ala Red Bull

Labatt website: LINK

This was feature that originally came from my now defunct blog on Reposted in August, 2009.

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