Beer of the Night Guest Review! - May 28, 2005

It's time for yet another beer of the night review. Tonight's guest review is by the one and only Spymac moderator, hog. He will be doing a review of Guinness draught.

This is a manly beer, that said drink it like a man (even if you're a chick). Drink this beer ONLY in a thick pint glass, no flutes, no fancy glasses, either a signature guinness glass or a thick ass pint glass. Guinness, like revenge is best served morgue cold, so keep the beer in the fridge then place in the freezer 20 minutes to a half hour before your going to drink it. Both the glass and canned Irish nectar come with a floating widget (draft not stout) but i prefer the canned version it always seems to preform better.

Once you pour the beer into the thick glass watch the mystifying "snowing" effect where it seems like the bubbles fall to the bottom of the glass before forming the signature creamy head. Now you should have a creamy rich head atop of a flavorful black abyss begging you to consume it. Unlike other beers where you usually leave the last few millimeters because it taste like sewage, you will find yourself tipping the glass above your head with your tongue out catching the last drop of frothy head like a child catching the a snowflake.

Very full rich flavor, a touch bitter towards the back of your tongue. Its a creamy hefty beer, its almost like a liquid meal. Guinness has a creamy head and not constant carbonation bubbles, this leads to very little if any burping, which in the end leads to you not being a belching barbarian (PS chicks don't dig burping). The best time(s) to drink Guinness is any time and all the time, in a irish pub is also a good choice. I have been known to drink one as breakfast. There is a reason the slogan is "It gives you strength"

- Price: Moderate - high
- Taste: Excellent
- Body: Excellent
- Flavor: Excellent

Official Guinness website: LINK

This was feature that originally came from my now defunct blog on Reposted in August, 2009.

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