Beer of the Night - March 27, 2005

It's that time of the day! Time for "Beer of the night!"

Tonight's beer is Molson Dry. This beer contains 5.5% alcohol/volume and is available throughout most of Canada and possibly even select regions of the United States. This beer comes in a light blue-ish can, 344ml bottle, and a 500ml "big boy" can. This beer is famous for it's cheapness factor, you can get a big boy can for under three dollars, while now you can get a 6 pack of cans for under $7.00 CDN. This beer has a very smooth taste as well as no aftertaste.. as the logo says!

The Molson Dry website is

Cheers and remember not to drink and drive.. and don't drink excessively!

This was feature that originally came from my now defunct blog on Reposted in August, 2009.

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