Beer of the Night - March 25, 2005

It's THAT time again! After a few week break, it's beer of the night time.

Tonight's beer is Molson Kick. As much as I HATE Molson-Coors, this is a first for the company. This is the first caffeinated beer ever to be introduced in Canada, it uses the South American berry guarara for caffeine, since it's a natural source of caffeine. It was introduced to Canadians on monday, but finally hit stores here in Manitoba on Thursday.

This beer tastes very similar to Molson Canadian Cold Shots, it contains 5% alcohol, and is available for around the same price as regular domestic beer, for a 6 of cans it's about $9, which is about the same price as a 6 of Molson Canadian. When I first tried it at a sample station at the local liquor store, I was amazed how it tasted better than regular Canadian.. that and the girl working the sample station was pretty hot.. probably around 22 years old. The beer (as I said above) tastes similar to the Cold Shots beer (the 6% beer in slim cans), but more expensive of course. I recommend anyone to try it out if they can, but if you have a budget only for cheap beer, stick to the cheap beer. I wouldn't be surprised if this beer gets introduced into the United States since Coors won't be producing a caffeinated beer (they HAVE only had 2 main beers for the last 30 some years or whatever..) but if Molson-Coors USA release it, it could be a big rival to Budweiser's B-to-the-E beer.

Labatt is planning on releasing a new beer in the next few weeks called "Shokz" which is a take on BOTH Molson's Cold Shot beer AND Kick, time will tell if Labatt will reign still as Canada's most popular beer company with this beer, or if Molson will take that title over.

Update from 2011: Molson Kick was discontinued less than a year later. and Labatt Shok ended up tasting like a combination of Red Bull and stale Labatt Blue - It didn't help that they contracted the production to a Minnesota based company.

This was feature that originally came from my now defunct blog on Reposted in August, 2009.

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