Impulse Buy: Molson Canadian Limited Edition Victory Bottle 2014

Impulse Buy: Molson Canadian Limited Edition Victory Bottle 2014 by Cody La Bière
As I always say, I like to try anything twice. I don't like standard Molson Canadian but I like to patriotic and support our athletes however I can. I did this time by purchasing a bottle of MolsonCoors' new Molson Canadian Limited Edition Victory Bottle (2014), "proudly" brewed to celebrate the Canadian Olympic athletes. This is exactly the same as standard regular ol' Molson Canadian. Except in this case, it's just in a 625ml bottle.. why 625ml? that's just an odd number. Not 500ML? Not 650? and not 750? Especially not 750? because at least 750 you could act like the athletes and uncork it like a bottle of champagne at the end of a successful championship!

Cost: $4.20 and still the same ol' Molson Canadian. Save your pennies and get something else.

Off topic: I'm now doing a weekly (weekend) column over at the Brandon Sun that's all about.. beer! If you're from Western Manitoba, check out my takes on some upcoming beers, some new-to-me beers and introduction to beers that most beer drinkers would never dare touch. It's called First Draught so I hope you get to check it out every Saturday/Sunday if you're within the Brandon Sun delivery area.

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