Review: Obsolete Brewing Frogger India Pale Lager

This marks the very first time I've ever reviewed a beer by Dauphin's Obsolete Brewing. It's definitely taken me a while to review it. It's only a two hour drive from Brandon but their beer has only been in local LCs sporadically for a few months now, though I've been able to sample their beer at two beer festivals so far, one in Riding Mountain National Park, and one in Brandon.

Today's sampling is Frogger India Pale Lager. Named after the '80s video game, it's brewed Mosaic and Citra hops to give it a different twist on flavour. 5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a crisp golden body with a slight cloudiness to it. The head is fairly faint with a snow white look to it, slightly frothy on the glass, a bit of skim on top of the beer.
Aroma: Floral hop with a bit of citrus presence (lemon, pineapple, grapefruit). Hint of honey for sweetness, fairly smooth and crisp so far. In fact, this may be inoffensive enough that non 'India Pale' drinkers might be able to drink without cringing. 

Taste: Pretty lager-forward but with a nice tropical and hoppy finish at the end. The first things I get are straw, a hint of honey, and a hint of straw. The Mosaic and Citra hops give it a tropical presence of lemon, pineapple and a hint of grapefruit. The mouthfeel is kind of dry, while the aftertaste is a hint of straw and a hint of piney bitterness. Incredibly smooth.

Overall Thoughts: Sampling this in a 3oz sample cup vs in an actual glass gives me time to actually try out the beer. It's a crisp, clean and tropical lager that's also inspired by an IPA. Is it aggressive like your typical every day non-juicy IPA? No, so for the lager fans out there - I think you might actually like this. Very smooth, crushable, crisp.. and a bit more character than most lagers at the moment. Hops are great, aren't they?!

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