Review: Kilter Vintage Czech Pale Lager

Cody back in May 2023: "This is a Lager that Teddy from B99 would approve! Very crisp, grassy and straw lager. Has a finish that almost reminds me of 90s lagers"

This is a beer I thought I reviewed here but somehow haven't. Kilter has been absolutely knocking it out with classic/vintage style Lagers and Pilsners for the past couple years now. I still remember running into Miguel from Kilter at a Sam Roberts Band at Ft Gibraltar nearly two years ago. Kilter was the beer sponsor for the concert (amazing time!) and we chatted about Pilsners and Lagers for a quick second - it's something that absolutely nobody on the planet gets excited over.. except Teddy from Brooklyn Nine Nine.

I've lost count on what kind of Vintage beers I've tried by Kilter over the past three or so years but their Vintage Czech Pale Lager has been my go-to whenever it's available Liquor Marts here in Brandon. The funny thing is that exactly ten years ago I'd be talking about how all Lagers and Pilsners were bland and boring and L&P were pretty much the official style of beer of Manitoba because we're a bland place to begin with. Now? Yeah, we are a Lager and Pilsner kind of province but you know what? Nothing wrong with that, you sometimes have to accept yourself. 5.0% ABV

Appearance: Deep golden straw body with a lot of carbonation in the bottle, slightly cloudy. The head is thick, snow white and diminishes rather quickly to leave behind a mild lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Very crisp. There's a sweet toasted grain profile in there that has a hint of honey to it, an ever so slight sour note, light grassy hops, an ever so slight bitterness, and a hint of 5¢ bubble gum at the end. 

Taste: This is a sweet, crisp, crushable Lager with a hint of graininess, a slight metallic mouthfeel, a light tingling from the hops that hit the middle/back of the tongue. Grassy hop profile, lemon, very smooth and approachable.

Overall Thoughts: Yours truly from ten years ago would never expect future me to be regularly drinking Lagers and Pilsners of all kind, and to the point that Pilsner Urquel and Czechvar (the OG Budweiser) would be in my fridge almost all the time, but here we are! I’m intrigued to see Miguel et Cie do a Vintage German Lager one day.. I seriously miss Winnipeg Brew Weeks’ Pils German Pilsner.

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