Review: Container Tapestry Belgian Tripel

Today's review is Tapestry Belgian Tripel by Vancouver's Container Brewing

From the label: Just as a Tapestry is woven, so too are craft ingenuity and raw ingredients combined to make something which is more than the sum of its parts. Originating from one place but made all over the world, please enjoy our version of a Belgian Tripel. 7.8% ABV

Appearance: Pours a dense amber-caramel ale. The body has a lot of carbonation taking place and the head is pretty thick with a creamy consistency of a yellowish-beige head. Denser than most Belgian Tripels but it looks great so far, though the can was overflowing with foam when I opened it.

Aroma: Sweet and somehow tropical hopped for a Tripel - Pineapple was one of the first things I got from this beer. There's also a bit of a floral presence that reminds me of green tea, notes of caramel, a bit of Belgian yeast, lemon. Strange but not bad.

Taste: The first impression pretty much is word for word what I just said in the aroma - green tea, sweetness of caramel, lemon and pineapple. Once I take another sip or two I start to get more Belgian notes to it, predominantly from the yeast, as well as a slight hint of clove. It's rather boozy so I get a slight burn for the aftertaste, dry and overall pretty sweet.

Overall Thoughts: While I wouldn't say that this is a representation of your typical classic Tripel, it's very enjoyable with it having a a good amount of sweetness to it, pineapple and a bit of an aggressive floral presence at the end. Definitely boozy and enjoyable.

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