Review: Nonsuch Dunkelweizen

Dunkelweizens aren't really a style I review, mainly because I find the combination of a brown ale and banana and spices just seem to clash too much on my palate for me, but some of the few I've had over the years were not bad, so I felt like it's time to try one out again. Today's Dunkelweizen is by Winnipeg's Brasserie Nonsuch - I bought this approximately two months ago but due to work I haven't had time to review it until now.

A dark wheat beer brewed with Cacao husks, the Dunkelweizen features sweet maltiness and a chocolate character. 

Appearance: Dark brown ale with a deep reddish mahogany hue and a light amount of yellowish-beige head on top that pretty much doesn't diminish at all until the beer is half way done.

Aroma: Sweet with notes of raisins, banana, clove and a hint of cocoa - the cocoa almost reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange.. but I'm not getting an orange presence to it. I also get mild notes of caramel, brown bread and a tad bit of nuttiness.

Taste: Quite a caramel-forward dark wheat ale with notes of clove, a hint of banana, a mild dark fruit presence (raisin) and slightly roasted malt presence that gives off a bit of a nuttiness. It's a tad tart, but pretty much mostly sweet, a bit of brown bread.

Overall Thoughts: Still not my kind of style but if you're a fan of German wheat beers and want something that will be more suitable to drink in the colder months of the year, as I find the lighter and Blonde hefeweizen-style to be much more appreciative in the summer and have zero craving for the style once the weather is below 10C. 5.4% ABV

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