Review: Torque Brewing's Torque Blonde Ale

Torque Brewing's newest beer Torque Blonde arrived here in Brandon a couple days ago, so it's time to check out the new beer - I was planning on reviewing it a few days ago but I injured myself yet again, so I waited until now to check out the beer.

I'm expecting that Torque's Blonde Ale is going to be a light ale that's going to be aimed more for the typical Conservative Manitoban beer drinker that wants a lighter tasting beer with a clear blonde/straw body to it. I wish Manitobans have moved on from Bud Light but it still accounts for a mass majority of the beer sales in this province unfortunately.

Torque's Blonde Ale is 4.5% ABV, a very low 18 IBU, and is described as a thirst quenching and refreshing Blonde Ale. Perfect for whatever you're doing. At $2.99 per 473mL can, it's quite affordable, if it ends up selling well for Torque, I can see them possibly bringing this out in 12 packs one of these days.

Appearance: Amber/honey appearance with a good amount of carbonation in the body. Thick frothy beige/white foam on top, the foam diminishes pretty gradually, leaving behind a lot of bubbles on the side of the glass.. so you can tell how much beer as you sample the beer.

Aroma: Sweet with notes of a hint of caramel for malt presence, a bit of graininess, light toasted bread, grassy hop presence.

Taste: Caramel sweetness, with a bit of a malty aftertaste on the palate. Light graininess with a grassy and ever so slightly hop presence to the beer. It's fairly light, crisp yet sweet and a tad grainy.

Overall Thoughts: Blonde Ales are what I grew up on once I started to like craft beers in early-to-mid-00s, but I found this a bit too amber-like to be a typical Blonde Ale - it's a bit sweeter and malty than I expected, a bit darker in hue, but it's easy to drink and not overpowering in aroma or taste so I think that the Sleeman Honey Brown/typical Big Rock drinker would enjoy this a lot.

For those who are wanting a bit of a lighter, pale golden straw beer - I suggest Torque's What the Helles Lager. I think those who like What the Helles but don't want something too much stronger would enjoy this beer.. this reminds me of back when I was starting to experiment with different styles of beer way back when, I wasn't going to go flat out for a stout, but would try something not overly powerful after liking something like Moosehead. ...ah the memories.

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