Review: Beau's Tagwerk Beer: Witbier with Quince

Tagwerk Beer celebrates the art of brewing excellence, using respectful innovation to create beer with outstanding taste and more-ishness. Tagwerk takes the name of a farm on the Bruce Peninsula where Master Brewer Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide resides. It is the day-work of the farmer, measured in an acre of farmland that can be worked by hand in one day. Tagwerk creations toast the tradition of an honest day’s work, and the land that provides quality ingredients that elevate a beer to greatness.

Beau's Tagwerk Beer: Witbier with Quince is a witbier brewed with quince, wheat/barley malt, hibiscus flowers and coriander.

Appearance: Pours a dark pinkish/peach with a hint of sediment, light amount of carbonation and a light yellowish/beige ring of foam on top.

Aroma: This has a good amount of sourness to it - some lemon, a fruitiness that I'm assuming that's quince which gives off a very sour presence with a hint of pear to it. There's a bit of hibiscus to give it a bit of a floral presence to it. I'm not really noticing the coriander in here which is a surprise as I generally find that coriander pops out more than many other beer aromas.

Taste: Very sour with a bit of a vegetal vibe to it (celery). There's notes of sour fruit (quince) and a bit of a pear/apple sweetness, a decent amount of floral presence from the hibiscus, a moderate coriander presence that's giving it a bit of a peppery vibe to it. Fairly dry and has a light pear-like aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: An interesting offering by Beau's - I've never tasted quince before so I never knew what to expect but I can definitely taste it in this beer. If you're a fan of sours, you'll absolutely enjoy this beer but as a witbier? It's definitely a bit too much for my palate when expecting a witbier. Sour, herbal and even a hint of peppery spice profile.

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