Review: Sleeping Giant 360 Pale Ale

Thanks Sue for this beer, as well as all the other Sleeping Giant beers I'll be reviewing in the next little while! Last year, my mom's friend Sue brought over a can of Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant Brewing's Grass Roots Lager. I was surprised how tasty the beer was for a lager, but ever since trying that, I've only heard good things about the brewery.

I'm checking out 360 Pale Ale, an English-style Pale Ale. It's described as a melding of two styles to create the wonderful aroma of an English Pale Ale with a North American hop finish and balanced by Crystal Malts.

Appearance: Mostly cloudy with a bit of a copper body to it, moderate/high amount of carbonation in the body. The head is thick, creamy and beige.

Aroma: The first thing I got was a nice piney bitter hop presence that I don't typically find in English Pale Ales, it wasn't until I read the description that I realized that this was supposed be a bitter.. nice! The English side of the Pale Ale is pretty much what you'd expect - it's got a hefty sweet malt profile with notes of caramel, a bit of an Earl Grey tea-like profile, and a light toastiness to it. Slight honey-like aroma pops up as well.

Taste: The first impression is essentially a medley of the hops and malt at the same time - I get a hefty dose of caramel, toasted malt and a moderate pine hop bite to it. It reminds me a tad of Sleeman Honey Brown or something from Big Rock, but more of in a reminiscing sense than anything. It's sweet, a bit grainy, has a bit of a tea-like taste to it, and a mild hoppiness.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty darn tasty, it's your typical English Pale Ale but with a typical American hoppiness (pre-NEIPA) to it. Hey Ryan, I finally did a review after 3? weeks. You're welcome.

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