Review: Unibroue 1837

I've tried just about every beer that Unibroue has ever released aside from the rare one offs and Quelque Chose, so it's rare now days to see me do a Unibroue review now days. Unibroue brought their 1837 Belgian Blonde Ale back for a limited time as part of their 2018 Summer taster pack. 1837 itself has been brewed since 1997 but was on hiatus for at least a few years now.

1837 is brewed to honour the heros who died in the Patriots War of 1837.

Appearance: 1837 pours a hefty opaque orange body with a mild amount of carbonation and a good finger's worth of soapy white foam on top. The foam isn't going anywhere!

Aroma: The first thing I get out of this beer is the standard Unibroue yeastiness that you see in beers like Don de Dieu and La Fin du Monde - it's a sweet, slightly bubblegummy aroma with a sweet doughiness to it, a hint of lemon, soap, and a hint of a floral hop presence at the end.

Taste: The yeastiness of the beer pops out most in this beer, giving it a sweet, slightly metallic taste with a hint of bubble gum, breadiness, sugar, a hint of apple/pear and an ever so slight hint of cracked pepper. The mouthfeel is dry and quite carbonated and the aftertaste is a slight yeasty and pear flavour.

Overall Thoughts: This beer reminds me of many of the discontinued Unibroue beers of yesteryear.. a bit of Seigneuriale in there, a bit of Don de Dieu. This is absolutely perfect for a day like today (Sunny and 30C) but I shouldn't have to buy a 12 pack just to get 2 of these beers as their taster packs never really ever change in variety. PS - anyone else finding that this summer's taster pack batch of Raftman is completely missing the smokiness?

7.0% ABV, 13 IBU

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