Beau's Saison (Farm Table Series)

I'm incredibly behind on my reviews right now, I've been meaning to write this review for around three weeks now! Beau's has come out with a new Saison as part of their Farm Table Series.

I honestly can't keep with all the releases Beau's comes up with, they're constantly coming up with new beers, keeping it organic, original and tasty!

Appearance: Pours a cloudy, light lemony yellow body with a light amount of clarity, a good amount of micro-carbonation in the body, and a nice finger's worth of white head on top.

Aroma: Funk right up front! There's some old barn woodiness, a mild amount of sourness, Belgian yeast, lemon, and a hint of bubble gum.

Taste: Dry, grainy and bready right up front. There's notes of a gritty graininess that reminds me of eating raw barley right from the grainery but with a bit of a toastiness to it, a sweet presence coming from the wheat malt that gives it a bit of that heavenly, sweet witbier sort of taste that's really welcoming in the middle of summer. Notes of lemon, a grassy hop profile, and notes of saltine crackers.

Overall Thoughts: This is incredibly grainy compared to most saisons as I found that the graininess from the barley malt was the most dominant flavour in the beer, but the notes of wheat gave it a nice flavour that's welcome once summer hits the prairies (if it will ever happen). Mild citrus notes, easy to drink and fairly dry. The funkiness only seems to be in the aroma as I didn't notice it in the tasting profile unfortunately, I was kind of excited for that. 4.7% ABV - Expect this in Manitoba in coming weeks, just in time for planting season!

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