Review: Steamworks Killer Cucumber Ale

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Wait.. Cody's drinking his vegetables.. what in the world?! Yep, so I picked up a can of Steamworks' Killer Cucumber Ale, which is part of Liquor Marts' Cost to Coaster promotion. While I would rather be drinking a fruit-forward beer, I had to give this beer a try because well.. I try to review everything I can for you guys and gals! For some reason, I keep hearing about Muskoka Brewing's Cool as a Cuke beer, but we don't current have that one in Manitoba. I don't like cucumbers, so you're in for a treat - me trying a beer that's going to make me cringe a bit!

Appearance: Pours a fairly clear golden straw body with a hefty amount of snow white foam on top, good deal of micro carbonation. As it diminishes, little puffs of foam are sticking to the side of the glass.

Aroma: What surprises me here is that the smell of cucumbers didn't initially pop out at me. The aromas that showed up initially were lemon, a light amount of honey, grass, and a light amount of piney hop bitterness. Eventually, a light amount of vegetal cucumber aroma made its debut, smelling like.. cucumbers straight from the garden.

Taste: CUCUMBER! Well, with a beer with "cucumber" in its name, it definitely lived up to expectation. The vegetal flavour of cucumber is making me cringe.. yuck, I HATE cucumbers! With all that being said - it tastes very natural and not extract-like, almost as if someone made a beer cocktail consisting of pale ale and a bunch of cucumbers. Since the cucumber flavour overpowers everything else, it's tough to say what else I'm tasting.. but I'm getting a light grassiness to it, a light amount of graininess from the barley, hint of honey.. aaaand that's about it.

Overall Thoughts: Cucumber. If you love cucumbers, try this beer. If you're me, I won't be drinking this again. 4.7% ABV

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