Review: Picaroons Blonde Ale

Until 6 months ago, the most popular review I've ever done at was my review of Picaroons' Yippee IPA, now it's down to third most popular review on the website! I've tried a few Picaroons Traditional Ales' beers over the years and Yippee IPA is still my favourite, by far.. but everything I've had by the brewery has been incredibly solid and I love that they use 500mL bottles rather than 650/341mL bottles for the most part - 500mL is the perfect portion size for me. Today I'm checking out their Blonde Ale.

Appearance: The Blonde Ale pours cloudy orange with a light amount of carbonation, a good amount of beige head to begin with and diminishes to a half finger's worth of beer as the beer gradually gets savoured.

Aroma: The first thing I expected in the beer was that it was going to be a boring crisp golden ale (like Labatt 50, Molson Export) but it's actually pretty aggressive for a golden ale. The aroma is incredibly citrusy, hoppy and aromatic. There's notes of fresh cut alfalfa, a great deal of fruitiness that has fruits like banana, cantaloupe and lemons. Very parfumic.

Taste: I'm getting a bit of a soaked barley taste up front, which gives a very sweet, malt forward flavour with a great hop presence complimenting it. There's a great deal of fruitiness - the same fruits I noticed in the aroma, a hint of pine, a bit of bubblegum, light amount of bread and a hint of clove. Sweeter than your typical blonde ale and solid hop presence.

Overall Thoughts: Better than expected.. which is always a good thing. It's sweet with various fruity flavours, a hint of bitterness, mildly creamy for mouthfeel, somewhat acidic yet every easy to drink. Quite reminiscent to a summery wheat ale. I was expecting a crisp, light crafty Labatt 50 but was surprisingly impressed that it's not. I'll definitely drink this again.

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