Photo Gallery: Beer photos from 2008

He's just some random photos of the beers I've tasted back in 2008. Some of them were done here back in Manitoba, many were while in Quebec City. This seriously brings back some serious memories

Big Rock Winter Spice Ale

Enjoying a beer on a plane

Corona with lime
Corona y lime


Cerveza por favor!

Ice cold BEER!

Geez mom, you can be an alkie sometimes
Triple fisting beer

What's your poison?

Drinking a cold cerveza

Éphémère Framboise (Raspberry)
Unibroue Éphémère Framboise (Raspberry)

Molson Export

Unibroue Blonde Pilsner Beer
Unibroue "U" Blonde Pilsner - REVIEW

Someday we'll be ROCK stars!

Labatt Bleue

Labatt Bleue Dry & Labatt Bleue

So.. I like the imports

Apres la fête!

Unibroue Quatre Centième (L'Éspace 400e de Québec)
Unibroue Quatre Centième beer released for the 400th birthday of Quebec's founding

Non svp
Non merci.

C'est pas grave!

Cheap Canadian beer!
Cheap as hell for swilly swill

Blanche de Chambly

Hobgoblin gift set

Éphémère Pomme

La Fin du Monde

Sleeman IPA label


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