Review: Lost Nation Mosaic IPA

The other day when I was on my bièrcation of Montreal and Vermont, the very first stop we took in Vermont was at the beer store in Winooski (Beverage Warehouse) for the weekly release of Heady Topper IPA. The first beer I picked up.. after Heady Topper while in Vermont was Lost Nation Brewing's Mosaic IPA. I like trying beer I've never heard of before, especially with artwork that pops out, so of course I was excited to try it.

Appearance: The Mosaic IPA pours a heavy cloudy orange ale, reminiscent to a witbier mixed with some orange juice. Thicker than your typical IPA. It starts off with a good amount of creamy whiteish-beige head on top, but gradually goes down and leaves some residue on the glass.

Aroma: This popped out immediately!!! The first thing I noticed about this beer was how amazing this smelled. It's reminiscent of tropical (New Zealand) IPA with a great deal of pineapple, kiwi and grapefruit coming right out the gate. There's a light to mild pine bitterness in the background, a hint of dove soap and a just a smidge of barn yard funk.. the Vermont beer crowd LOVES barn yard funk!

Taste: Starts off a bit soapy and quite yeasty/bready but it ends up turning into a beer with a good amount of tropical sweetness to it.. like pineapple and kiwi again. The flavour is nowhere near as adamant as the aroma is, but it's quite a nice welcoming flavour profile. The hoppy bitterness has a bit of a grassy, alfalfa-like bitterness with a hint of alfalfa. Fairly watery on the palate, leaves a hint of a metallic and pineapple aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts: Very stellar IPA, I wish I bought more of this. It's a nice aromatic IPA that's a change from the typical hop bombs.. sweet and tropical rather than bitter and musky. Not overly bitter and fairly easy to drink. Surprisingly heavy in appearance. 5.5% ABV

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