Review: Pit Caribou's Brett Session IPA

Two session IPAs in a week, what are you up to Cody?! Well, it's just coincidence! I'm a big fan of Pit Caribou out of La Gasp├ęsie.. well, name me any Quebec brewery and I'm likely a fan! Today's session IPA is Brett Session IPA. I've had less than half a dozen beers in my life that use Brett yeast so I'm not sure what to expect from the flavours and aromas of the beer.. all I remember is half of them I've managed to have foam up on me, and this is not an exception.

Appearance: La Brett Session IPA pours a very whitish-beige foamy beer, lots and lots of foam, but it slowly diminishes, showing a thick, cloudy as eff.. almost orange juice looking beer. Very thick and orangey-yellow. The remaining head is a big spoonful of foam on top that isn't going anywhere.

Aroma: The aroma is hard to describe, it's very much like a barn yard sort of aroma.. it has a real muskiness to it, some notes of old wood, some herbal.. almost like a peppermint aroma to it, a hint of horse's breath, some tropical notes of grapefruit and lemon and a hint of mellow grassy hops.

Taste: The bitterness of the hops come out first and foremost this time around with a mildly bitter and acidic pine bite hits the tongue immediately followed by notes of what I expect a barn to taste like, slightly sour, herbal, woody notes, lemon and incredibly funky.. which is what I expect what the Brett yeast is pushing. Light fruitiness of grapefruit and lemon also make an appearance.

Overall Thoughts: I'm not too sure if I'm a fan of Brett yeast, it's incredibly funky and barn-like most times I've had it, but I guess it's one of those things that has to grow on me, especially as there's currently zero Brett beers sold at the LC here in Manitoba. Very interesting flavours though.. and it kind of helps that the guy on the label looks strikingly like an old roommate to mine, including the exhausted, almost defeated look in his eyes. 4.5% ABV

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