Review: Trou du Diable La Buteuse

It's always a great day when a Trou du Diable beer makes its way to Manitoba! This marks the second Trou du Diable beer to come to MLCC shelves here in Manitoba. The first being Les Quatre Surfeurs de l'apocalypso. 4 Surfeurs sold out within days of hitting shelves here in Manitoba, so I won't be surprised to see La Buteuse sell like hotcakes as well!

La Buteuse is a Belgian-style triple, or better known at Le Trou du Diable as an extra strong divine ale. La Buteuse is actually the VERY first Trou du Diable beer I ever tried in my life - I first tried this beer while on bièrcation in Quebec City two and a half years ago, so you can see that I'm excited to try this beer again!

Appearance: La Buteuse pours cloudy golden/orange with a good deal of carbonation, hazy and there's a good deal of thick snow white head that's just sticking around! Very tasty looking and as the beer gets savoured.. the foam sticks to the glassware.

Aroma: I'm finding that this beer has notes of banana, clove, coriander, a hint of tartiness, light biscuity bread notes, a hint of booze and a hint of sugar.

Taste: This has all the notes I associate with a Belgian triple as it has a bit of a boozey burn on the tongue, a sweet candi sugar flavour to it, hints of banana and clove. There's also a bit of an earthy hop flavour that gives it a bit of a light bitterness to it, a bit of orange peel and moderately grainy. I love that this has the right amount of sweetness for a Belgian-style triple.

Overall Thoughts: I really enjoy this. One thing I found is that when I drank this straight out of the bottle, I wasn't getting the notes of banana, clove, candi sugar.. so this is something that you have to pour in a proper glassware to get the full experience. A bit sweeter than your typical Belgian triples, but I like it that way!

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