Review: Timothy Taylor's Landlord Classic Pale Ale

This is a new one to me: Timothy Taylor's Landlord Classic Pale Ale, an English-style pale ale by Timothy Taylor's Championship Beers out of West Yorkshire, UK. I know that English ales are an area that I don't tend to review often.. or at all. I find that aside from the darker ales, I'm just not a fan of British beer. That's to the point where I'll bypass the English section completely every time I go to the LC.

Appearance: Pours a (mostly) clear amber/honey ale with a good amount of carbonation, a fair amount of beige head on top with there being a bit of the foam sticking to the glassware as the beer goes down sip by sip.

Aroma: A malt-foward pale ale, I get notes of honey, caramel, tea and a rich barley graininess. A bit of a corn aroma is present as well. This is quite a sweet smelling beer.

Taste: Fairly skunky with a hint of corn. Like the aroma, it's a malt forward beer so I'm getting a sweet caramel flavour in there. There's a bit of toasted barley, lemongrass and a light amount of leafy herbal hop notes that are a bit reminiscent of tea. Light amount of bitter aftertaste on the palate, fairly clean and crisp on the palate.

Overall Thoughts: A fairly grainy yet malty Pale Ale that I could see myself drinking at a dimly lit pub in England. Not really my style of ale but I really appreciated the herbal notes that showed its presence in the aroma and taste. With a name like Timothy Taylor's Landlord, I now want to see a "Tim the Toolman Taylor" beer. 4.1% ABV

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