Review: Central City Detective Saison

I rarely get to try beers that get negative attention, but Central City's Detective Saison got in trouble a few months back for the character on the label looking too much like a comic character that already exists, so the brewery redesigned the label immediately.

Aside from the Red Racers, Central City beers are impossibly hard to find in Manitoba due to demand and lack of supply. Whenever a Central City beer comes out, it's sold out within the week - on a bad week! I find that I have to buy several bottles in one visit if I want to save any to drink in the near future.

Detective Saison is Central City's newest beer and aside from the copyright issues and people finding that the chest area on Detective Saison being um.. too big? The beer has received decent praise from beer geeks so far.

Appearance: The saison pours a very light golden straw ale, somewhat clearer than your typical saison, it almost looks like it's an unfiltered lager more than anything. Thick amount of snow white head that just.. stays there.

Aroma: Very grassy. As well has a peppery spiciness to it that tingles the nostrils, which is a first for me from a saison... very peppery. Light amount of lemon zest, a bit of Belgian yeast to it, somewhat sweet.. but more peppery and grassy than anything else.

Taste: Hmm.. Grassy and peppery at the same time. I'm very surprised by the intensity of the pepper notes on here, I didn't expect that for a saison. A bit of lemon zest to it, a tad of Belgian yeast and a bit of a sourness in the background.

Overall Thoughts: Not as citrusy as your typical saison as I've said several times already.. this is very grassy and peppery. To some, the pepper might be too much, but since I like a curve ball in my beers, I don't mind it. I do wish it was more citrusy though. Very very clear for a saison. 6.0% ABV, 24 IBU

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