Review: Cannery Brewing's Blackberry Porter

I lost my job this week, and then wham - today all Futureshop employees were let go - some will be able to re-apply for a job similar to their old job if their store is changing to a Best Buy. I don't ever want to work in a retail environment like that ever again. But chances are, I will.

Now I have time to review beers out of my big hoard that have been collecting dust, including this beer - Blackberry Porter by the folks over at Cannery Brewing out of Penticton, BC.

Appearance: The Blackberry Porter pours a dark dark beer, almost like an English dark ale. It has a bit of a caramelly brown head, which goes down fairly lightly. Overall, not quite 'almost pitch black' like a standard porter, but still looks nice and creamy.

Aroma: The aroma doesn't seem like much at the beginning as all I notice at the beginning is toasted barley, a bit of notes of grassiness and a hint of coffee. As the beer settles in the glass, I notice a big whiff of Okaganan fresh blackberries doing the cha-cha-cha into my nose. It's a sweet, dark fruity and tart combination. Reminiscent of raisins, cassis and black cherries. There's a bit of a syrupy sweetness to it that reminds me of jam filled danishes/croissants. Quite sweeter than your typical porter but then again, when I used to drink their Maple Stout, I thought of it as a breakfast in a bottle.

Taste: I'm really not expecting this to be in any shape a porter. Why? Fruitiness and porters don't usually go together. Fruitiness and wheat ales are more so what I'm used to. There's certainly a lot of blackberry in here. It's sweet, it's a tad tart like cranberries but it works in a porter or stout. There's a sweetness combination of fresh picked blackberries and a bit of a puréed syrupy sweetness to it. In the background, it's a light porter - notes of roasted malt to give it a bit of a hint of coffee and chocolate profile to it. As it warms up, the sweetness/bitterness ratio evens out. It's a nice beer to have when winter just won't simply end, it makes you look forward to picking fresh fruit.. though I'm not a fan of that.

Overall Thoughts: A nice porter that's a bit lighter than most for bitterness, it's more of a really heavy dark ale. There's a nice amount of blackberry all over with a hint of medley of other dark and tart fruits. Somewhat syrupy, but enjoyable. 6.5% ABV/650mL bottle. Cannery's Naramata Nut Brown is coming to Manitoba soon, watch out!


The Pint Jockey Online said...

I've been looking to try this one but it doesn't make it to Ontario

Cody Lobreau said...

I had a friend from BC send this to me. Their Naramata is coming to Manitoba. I really really miss their maple stout. THAT is the real maple beer.